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Submitted on
July 8, 2013
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I smile holding your head in my hands,
My mystical marionette,
Wood of your chest heaving with pain,
My dear delicate Rosette.

It's ok to go,
Though I know I'll be left alone.
I should never have brought life
To a thing void of flesh and bones.

Thank you for bringing me joy
When I thought I could feel nothing,
Who knew there could be so much soul
Dancing beneath a string.

But you don't need to be here anymore,
Holding on while I hold your burning core,
Petting at the synthetic strands of your puppet hair
And gazing into your button eyes of despair.

I should have told you oil spills,
I should have told you fire burns;
A lesson no one should ever
Have to learn.

The furnace is hot my child,
The furnace is hot...
It'll hurt quite a lot my child,
It'll hurt quite a lot...

Now let go and rest your tired head.
Close your eyes to the glowing red.
Just listen to me sing
A hymn for the body dying.
Poor Rosette. She wasn't alive for very long, but the time I spent with her seemed so real, as vivid as the tendrils of a grape in spring. Death takes us all, but if I hadn't have given her life then she would have never had to experience it. Since I can never undo what I've done, the least I can do is to write a poem in her honor.
NightwingFan123 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Goodbye Rosette.... rest in peace! Although there may be regret in giving her life, do you think she would've regretted it? I don't think so...
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